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Hi! At my shop, we primarily use PL/SQL's OO abilities, and as such have a LOT of object types defined. We love the tool, however, for any object that has changes, any dependent objects are also in the script with a compile command. This compile of an object type, particularly a heavily used base object can invalidate dozens of other objects... So, we end up having to export to a script and manually remove all these alter statements that are there just to ensure that an object is in a valid state, I suppose? Can we have an option added so that we don't have to do this?

We also have a piece of custom code that compiles at the end of each script to compile any invalid objects - is it possible to always add certain scripts to a compare script output?

Finally, can we add any header scripts, such as: alter session set plsql_optimize_level = 3;




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    Hi Dan,
    Thank you for your forum post and sorry for the delay in replying.

    When you run the deployment wizard, at the step to review dependencies if you uncheck the "Synchronize all affected objects (recommended) option". This will not include the dependent objects in the deployment script. For example, you wish to deploy a single but when you review the dependencies there are 5 other affected objects. If the "Synchronize all affected objects (recommended) option" is checked these 5 affected object will also be deployed. Unchecking the "Synchronize all affected objects (recommended) option" just the table in my simple example is deployed. The command equivalent is to use the /excludedependencies switch.

    Once you save a copy of the deployment script, you can edit it as required and add your custom code.

    With regards to adding the: alter session set plsql_optimize_level = 3; - I recommend that you submit a new feature request via this LINK to the Oracle Tools User Voice forum. User Voice is the preferred method of submitting a request request. The more votes and comments a topic receives will increase the chances of it being included in a future version of the product. The Development Team and Product Managers actively monitor the User Voice forums.
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