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I am trying to compare two databases that have the same tables but the table names have the database name as a prefix. Is there a way to filter or ignore a prefix value for table names? Sql compare is only allowing me to filter by including and/or excluding values, but not giving a mapping rule option to ignore a table name prefix or postfix.

For example:

DB1 has tables db1_table1, db1_table2, db1_table3, etc..
DB2 has tables db2_table1, db2_table2, db2_table3, etc..

My current comparison isnt matching table1 between db1 and db2 because the full table name is different so it thinks the object exists only in db1 and the object is different on db2 so it exists in db2 only. However, these two tables are the same and should have the same columns. That's what I am trying to find out in my compare.


  • Hi,

    I didn't have the need so far to use that feature but I saw Table Mapping and Owner Mapping for SQL Compare.
    When you edit your project there are several tabs for different functionalities.

    Have fun experimenting!

    Bálint Bartha, Skyscanner
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