App targeting .NET 3.5 does not work with SmartAssembly 3

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We recently upgraded our projects from .NET 2.0 to .NET 3.5, and we were using SmartAssembly 3 to obfuscate the project in .NET 2.0. With the upgrade the obfuscation has stopped working; if we run an unobfuscated executable it runs but the obfuscated one does not. I realize that you guys are way past version 3 but this is the only place I could find any mention of this product, so I figured I should start here. If SmartAssembly 6 is guaranteed to obfuscate .NET 3.5 projects correctly, we are considering upgrading to this new version.


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    I'm afraid SmartAssembly 3 predates Red Gate's acquisition of SmartAssembly, and we're no longer able to offer support on this old version. I've tried searching our archives and I'm sorry to say that I can't even find out whether SmartAssembly 3 was designed to work with .NET 3.5. It might be worth looking through the list of common problems that can occur after building to see whether this gives a clue about the issue you are facing, however: ... r+building

    I can confirm, however, that SmartAssembly 6.x versions have all been tested thoroughly with .NET 3.5 assemblies.

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