Dropping a user is a potentially dangerous operation

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I'm trying to deploy a database and I keep getting the following error:

Compare warning: [Low] Dropping a user is a potentially dangerous operation. Dependencies for the #XXXXX# user are not selected automatically. If you are sure you want to drop this user please select the objects that belong to this user manually.

I have set RedGateDatabaseOptionsIgnoreUsers variable to true

After reading this post:

I set the SQL Source Control filter to exclude users but I'm still receiving the error above.



  • RedGateDatabaseOptionsIgnoreUsers does not actually ignore users. It has been badly named. According to the documentation, this is what it does:
    When role-based security is used, object permissions are assigned to roles, not users. If this option is set to true, Deployment Manager only deploys object permissions for roles, and members of roles that are themselves roles. Users' permissions and role memberships are ignored.

    To really ignore users, you will have to create a filter file in your database package. Those filter rules will then be respected when Deployment Manager does it deployments. Here is the relevant documentation: http://documentation.red-gate.com/displ ... deployment

    There is a filter rule to do with filtering users, I have not used it myself, but it might be what you are looking for! Thanks!

    Chirayu Shishodiya
    Software Engineer - Deployment Manager
    Red Gate
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