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SQL Prompt

Aaron LAaron L Posts: 596 New member
edited September 19, 2014 6:09AM in SQL Prompt
SQL Prompt - 15th January 2015

This build of SQL Prompt includes:
  • Execute current statement
  • Insert semicolons
  • Code highlighting
  • Use object definition case
  • Rename variables and aliases
  • Suggestions improvements
  • Qualify object names improvements
  • Remove square brackets
  • Nullability of columns
  • Choose environments to install to
  • New formatting options
  • New tab history options
  • Improved loading dialog box
  • Support for restricted accounts
  • Various usability improvements
  • Many bug fixes
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Full release notes

Version history - 15th January 2015
  • Fix for missing suggestions on SSMS2008R2 - 14th January 2015
  • Fix for columns in ORDER BY clause not being qualified (Forum post)
  • ApplicationIntent and MultiSubnetFailover properties are now respected for read-only availability groups - 5th January 2015
  • Fix for missing suggestions on some Azure databases
  • Fix for missing suggestions in a stored procedure after a virtual column with function call in a DECLARE TABLE statement
  • Find Invalid objects now reports errors introduced through changing server compatibility mode
  • Tab History maintenance is now run after removing tabs (rather than on startup which may have caused a "database is locked" error) - 11th December 2014
  • Fix for suggestions sometimes not displaying for Azure databases
  • Semicolons are now inserted after execute statements without the EXEC/EXECUTE keyword - 2nd December 2014
  • Option added for global variables casing
  • Option added for automatically inserting column list on an OUTPUT - INTO clause
  • CURSORs can now be renamed (with F2) and will have their casing made consistent with declaration if "Use object definition case" is on
  • Column aliases are now suggested on ORDER BY clauses
  • Column aliases are now suggested from VALUES clauses on SELECT statements
  • Improvements to logic for inserting closing quotes and square brackets
  • Database names are now suggested from CREATE DATABASE statements in script
  • Snippet files are now stored as UTF-8 (instead of UTF-16) to support more diff/merge tools - 4th November 2014
  • Fix for syntax error being reported on valid OUTPUT clause (Forum post)
  • Fix for VALUES being inserted after OUTPUT INTO clause (Forum post) - 28th October
  • Fix for snippet indentation - 24th October 2014
  • Wildcard expansion alignment improved when tabs are used as indents
  • Fix for exception being thrown with expand wildcards
  • Fix for index being incorrectly qualified with table name (Forum post)
  • Fix for trigger not being qualified if table name is already qualified (Forum post)
  • Fix for semicolon being inserted in wrong position (Forum post) - 10th October 2014
  • Nullability of columns is now shown for variables of type TABLE - 1st October 2014
  • INSERT column highlighting now highlights in both panes if window is split (UserVoice)
  • Improved suggestions after a syntax error in script (Forum post) - 26th September 2014
  • Fix for bug with Auto Refresh experimental feature causing initial cache to fail (Forum post)
  • Fix for loading dialog box not being displayed (Forum post)
  • Fix for duplicate semicolon being inserted after an INSERT with EXEC in it (Forum post)
  • Fix for formatting ELSE with semicolon between it and the IF (Forum post) - 22nd September 2014
  • Fix for INSERT column highlighting with sub queries inside the SELECT query
  • Fix for formatting ELSE statement with semicolons (Forum post)
  • Fix for qualify object name using wrong alias if statement is invalid (Forum post) - 18th September 2014
  • Fix for missing column suggestions on table valued function (Forum post) - 17th September 2014
  • Fix for Prompt not providing suggestions on some queries in SSMS2008

User feedback
Many thanks for all the suggestions you've submitted on our UserVoice forum, this release includes the following suggestions:


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