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Qualify Object names can't grok subqueries?

agbagb Posts: 6
edited September 12, 2014 8:46AM in SQL Prompt
Qualify Names cannot seem to read columns from even simple subqueries:
		dbo.SampleTable T
	) D
This fails with an error rather than qualifying SampleColumn as D.SampleColumn


  • Aaron LAaron L Posts: 596 New member
    Hi agb,

    I just gave this a try and I think we have fixed it in the latest build of the 6.4 beta already if you'd like to give that a try?

    If you're still having problems on the latest beta build please let me know and I'll investigate further for you.

  • Hi Aaron,

    Yes, the 6.4 beta resolves this issue - thanks.

    PS as a side note, installing the 6.4 beta removed all my "Connection Coloring" settings, and I had to re-educate SSMS which connection was which designation again. I know this is an experimental lab feature so tough luck on me :) but I thought I would mention it. (Along with the fact that I really like this feature!)

  • Aaron LAaron L Posts: 596 New member
    Hi agb,

    Which version of Prompt were you running before installing 6.4? All the connection colouring settings should be preserved but there's a chance that they didn't get copied over from a previous version if you were on 5. (they are all stored in %localappdata%\Red Gate\SQL Prompt 6 (or 5)\servers.xml, so you might be able to manually copy them across)

    Hopefully we'll move this into a full feature of Prompt soon! One of the improvements in 6.4 is you can manually add your own colours/categories. I quite like having a purple category :)

  • It was a hiccup. Closed SSMS and re-opened it and all the old colourations returned.

    Handy to know where the XML doc lurks tho! :)

  • Aaron Law wrote:
    I quite like having a purple category :)

    Very nice. I have a purple "misc" category now too :D
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