how to compare table definations only?

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Hi, :)

i am comparing two databases with tables that has different def, i.e. one column is a smallint and the other database has that column as an int.

can the tool show only the difference on columns in tables? :?: i.e., i am not concern about the ownership, or grant statement, and etc. i am focused on the difference of the columns of tables from the two different db.



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    is there another product or script out there which will do that? to compare only the datatype on columns of two tables from two database...

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    SQL Compare will compare all the differences between two tables - the columns, constraints, foreign keys, triggers...

    There are various options that let you ignore parts of the table (eg ignore triggers, or ignore indexes), but it will always compare the core table definition - the columns and datatypes
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    what is the option to set to limit the comparison down to only the columns between tables? :?
    i.e. i don't care about the trigger, owner, and etc.

    Thanks! :D
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    Most of them turn off various properties of objects. The ignore options you probably want on are:
    dml triggers
    full-text indexing
    foreign keys
    filegroups, partition schemes, partition functions
    authorization on schema objects

    You may want some of the others, as well (eg check constraints or constraint and index names) depending on your needs.
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