Profiling a Desktop App with a Warmup

I have a framework I'm attempting to profile. I have a console app that excercises the problem areas of the code. There is a significant amount of caching that takes place, so the console app attempts every method once prior to evaluation to cache things appropriately and then attempts them several times for timing purposes.

When profiling, I'm finding it very difficult to seperate the warm-up or start-up caching runs from the actual runs that I want to profile.

If it were a web app I'd have started it up, made sure the caching was there and then attached the profiler.

I would like to either programmatically force the profiler to toss away information at a point, or be able to break the profiling run to toss away performance information before a given point in the run.


  • StephenCStephenC Posts: 314
    edited September 15, 2008 3:17PM

    if i've understood you correctly you just want to see certain points in time when profiling.

    This is the main purpose of the time line. You simply click and drag on the time line over the regions of CPU that you wish to see. It will then just show you the code that was executed just for the selected region (see the instruction on main profiler UI).

    After the initial calls it might be worth putting in a thread.sleep for a second or so to make it really clear or you can add a call into the redgate.profiler.userevents.dll to add an event to the timeline for your reference.

    You can find more information on the timeline here:
    Profiler time line

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