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Backup to non domain share

garybgaryb Posts: 10
edited September 12, 2008 6:43AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
SQL2005 on Server 2008 running latest version of SQL Backup Lite. I have 2 jobs that run fine backing up DB and logs to local drive. If I select the backup to network share option also it can never find the network share. I know the share exists as I can use Xcopy but SQL Backup cannot find it. I have read and read again your PDFs [it is late a night!] but I just dont seem to grasp it. How can I add the sql backup agent account to a non domain share?

For example sql is in its own workgroup at a data center connected to my LAN via VPN. The backup server is on a domain and each can ping each other. When I try to add the backup account to the backup server it doesnt exist, how do I force it to accept the account?



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    Hi Gary,

    If you add the SQL Backup Agent account name to your file share server as a Local User on Windows without a domain prefix etc does this work?

    Can you see your file share server from your SQL Server in Windows Explorer?

    You might want to try specifying your network share by IP address and see if that works?

    Hope that helps.
    Matthew Flatt
    Redgate Foundry
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