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Forum for Forum Issues?

jbiddlejbiddle Posts: 5
edited September 15, 2008 5:01AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
You guys need to create a forum for dealing with forum issues - like the following:

You should NOT send my password in the confirmation email!
Security 101 stuff...

Email is THE MOST UNSECURE communication medium known to man.
It is fine to email me my password when I tell you that I forgot it.
It is NOT file to email the password in the confirmation email.


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    Thanks for your post. If there is a problem with the forum not operating properly, you can write our support address (support@red-gate.com). If you have a complaint about the way the forum itself works, then probably the best place to go is the software vendor http://www.phpbb.com . Aside from a few customizations, this is pretty much off-the-peg software.

    At any rate, you can always click the 'profile' link and change your password at any time if you are concerned about your password being exposed.
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