Very slow on Dbs with merge replication (SQL Compare 7.0)

yowlyowl Posts: 2
edited September 15, 2008 7:48AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
As it says in the subject, put 2 dbs on the same server, turn replication on for one of them, and create a snapshot to get all the triggers and columns in place. Then attempt to compare them and in the reading of schema information phase the merge replicated db is many times slower than the other. Can something be done about this ?




  • We are aware that comparing databases with merge replication enabled is significantly slower than without. I have already raised an issue in our tracking software with regards to this and I will add your comments to it, to help increase it's importance. This will be reviewed for inclusion in a future release.

    For your reference the issue tracking code is: SC-3677
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