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SQL Generator and Schema Changes

JohnMJohnM Posts: 6
I created my database schema in SQL Server 2008. I then opened SQL Generator (v.1.2) which recognized my new schema. I later modified the data type of a column through SQL Server Management Studio; but I cannot get this change to be reflected in SQL Generator. Please advise.


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    I take it that you've tried refreshing the schema, after opening your project? This should go and 'grab' the latest version of your schema including the recent changes. Just click the 'Refresh Schema' button next to the 'Save Project' button.

    If you've already tried this without success could you give me a little more information? i.e. what was the data type of the column changed from and to?
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    The Refresh Schema was tried; but ultimately the issues wasn't with SQL Generator... it was just user error.

    Thank you!
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