Users created even if I uncheck them

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I'm testing my SQL Packager trial on our development server. This server has login accounts for all the developers, and even though I uncheck the corresponding user objects when selecting what objects to include in the schema, the generated schema file contains CREATE LOGIN and CREATE USER statements for the users I've unchecked. Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong?


  • If you've got objects that depend on having those users in the database (e.g. the user has permissions on an object, the user owns an object or a schema) then the users will be brought along because otherwise the script wouldn't run.

    You can normally shake most of them by enabling the option 'ignore users' permissions and role memberships', but obviously this will also not synchronize permissions and role memberships for other users that you might have wanted to include.

    If you're sure the script will be fine afterwards you can uncheck 'Include dependencies' which will stop this happening, but that means you'll have to check manually that all of the relevant objects are in place in the target database.
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    Were you able to try out Michelle's suggestions and exclude the users and logins in the end? We’ve just released a version of SQL Packager 6 that allows you to edit a script before packaging, which may help.
    See ... php?t=7743
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    David Atkinson
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