Tooltip bug on call tree


Just a minor, but rather annoying, bug I noticed. If you have another application open and active on top of the ANTS screen, the tooltips still come up on the call tree (e.g. "Source code is available for this method..."). This tooltip can end up on top of the other application's window, and it won't go away until you mouse over the ANTS window again. It is most likely to obscure the other application if you move the mouse quickly from ANTS to the other application. Interestingly, the tooltip appears where the mouse stops, even if that is no where near the call tree.



  • Hi Scott,

    this is a known bug and is caused by the 3rd party grid control as far as we can tell. We have had no luck getting rid of the little annoyance but it is in our bug tracking system and hopefully we will find a way of 'killing' it at some point soon.


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