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Output location wrong when running SQL Doc from SQL Agent

ebhebh Posts: 2
edited October 9, 2008 11:11AM in SQL Doc Previous Versions
I've created a SQL Doc project, D:\RedGate\SQLDoc\Bob.sqldoc which is set to output to \\FileServer\IT\Docs\Bob. In the options dialog box the "Append server name and timestamp to output folder" option is clear.

When I run:

"D:\Program Files\Red Gate\SQL Doc 1\SQLDoc.exe" /project:D:\RedGate\Doc\Bob.sqldoc /f

from the command line every thing works fine. However when I run the exact same command as part of a SQL Agent Job a new sub folder is created in \\FileServer\IT\Docs\Bob for each instance it is run with the name of the database and time stamp.

I'm using SQL Doc


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    I have spoken to one of the SQL Doc developers and it seems that the auto append settings are in the registry but should be copied into the project file. There seems to be a problem with this in that the options are overwritten by the registry settings when you actually run SQL Doc. This whole area will be looked at with a view to fixing it in the next release of SQL Doc although I am afriad we currently have no timescales for this release.
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