AP4 helped reduce processing time from 1:10 to under 3 secs

LexiconLexicon Posts: 110
Hi Guys, really just a post to say what an awesome job AP4 is doing. There really is no comparison in speed between 3 & 4. I have just finished a big profiling session on our new estimating engine, I think it is to fair to say that without AP4 I could not have achieved the performance increase taking execution from 1:10 to under 3 secs. I was able to quickly identify key areas, within some heavy recursive code and I took the load time of the engine from 1:10 to under 3 seconds (approx 55,000 custom calculations for pricing a house).

Real time profiling is excellent, the line level timings are priceless and the call graph was amazing, allowing me to see the real core problems. One example using the call graph was just to analyze reading from a recordset and discover that GetOrdinal was adding a whopping 10% to execution time, this is something I would not have found easily with conventional methods.

I would like to see more functionality in the code viewer window, so looking forward to 4.2 :p


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