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App Hangs at 10% during data generation

mgaertmgaert Posts: 14
edited September 22, 2008 10:32AM in SQL Data Generator Previous Versions
Starting to have a problem with SDG hanging or taking a very long time to generate or cancel generation. I'm currently looking over all my generators in detail, but has anyone seen this before?

Some of the generators originally pointed to a database that is no longer available. They now point to the same database where the data is being generated to. I'm changing that, too, but every time I switch between two different tables in the UI it does a very slow data generation.

I would be glad to provide the project file if that helps.



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    Further to our email conversation, I understand that the project with the problem was using the target database tables as generator sources. Once you changed those it worked correctly. Also, you realized that the projects are much more portable if you just use CSV files for specific data sources. Otherwise you needed to go through the whole project changing the column generators to match the database server you were working with. You stated that improving the portability of the projects would be a good feature.

    I have logged it in our tracking system and it will be considered for the next release of SQL Data Generator although we have no timescales for this as yet.
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