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I have an issue with the Compare utility when comparing a Live DB to a Script Folder connected to TFVC. One Stored Proc is continually identified as not being in the Scripts Folder, even though the Proc is in the scripts folder and in TFVC. When we sync it is adds a new file with the same name but a number appended to the end. I have the project set up to get latest before comparing and have tried on a number of different boxes.

Any ideas on how to fixes this.



  • It sounds like Compare is hitting a syntax error in the file containing that stored procedure, and therefore ignoring the file.

    If you can't see anything wrong with the syntax in the file, you can either send me the file ([email protected]) and I'll have a look at it, or if you can't do that I can send you instructions for turning on logging so you can look at the log file and find out which part of the file SQL Compare is having trouble with.
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  • Michelle

    Thanks for you reply and I am sorry it have taken me so long to respond I was on a vacation, last week I.

    I will have my DBA guys look at the Syntax, today. Hopefully they find something, if not I will send you the file.

    Thanks a million

  • Michelle,

    The Syntax checked out w/o error.

    This stored proc is our largest by far, some 600 lines, furthermore, it is our only proc that uses Full text search.

    I do not believe that these would have anything to do with it but I thought I throw it out there nonetheless.


  • FYI
    Below is the response I got back from RedGate after they examined the Stored Proc in question.

    I’ve had a look at the stored proc michelle sent me, and it seems the parser within SQL Compare does not like variables as the last clause of a CONTAINSTABLE expression, which this stored procedure has several examples of. This will be fixed in version 7.1, which will be released within the next couple of weeks.

    Simon Cooper
  • I just wanted to let everyone know that Version 7.1 of SQL Compare Pro does indeed fix the issue we were having with our Stored Proc

    The only catch we had was that all of the files were added to TFVC meaning spName.sql, spName1.sql, and so forth. Which caused the compare to fail b/c of multiple stored Proc w/ same name where found. Once we deleted the dups from TFVC all was well.


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