WCF Services - Call stack analysis difficult

slaneyrwslaneyrw Posts: 46

This is more of a wish than anything else, but when analysing a .NET Win App that makes extensive use of WCF it is very difficult to profile across the WCF call, even though I'm using the NamedPipes binding ( ie inProcess ).

The problem is that WCF uses asynchronous dispatching so the root method of the service method is not WCF client, but rather thread callback from the WCF infrastucture.

Would it be possible to work out the relationship between these threads and possibly associate the calls in the call stack viewer. WCF has the ability to insert an activity GUID so tracing is able to track calls across the service boundaries




  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member

    This sounds like a request that would benefit any program that uses delegates or asynchronous methods. Basically, your waitcallback exists in one thread and the actual operations of the asynchronous method are in another. ANTS Profiler doesn't tie them together as far as I know.
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