ANTS Profiler 4 has been released

We are very please to announce the release of ANTS Profiler 4. You can get it from ... /index.htm

This is a major new release representing a huge leap forward over ANTS Profiler 3.x, and over existing performance profiling tools in general. It is a recommended upgrade for all users.

Features and enhancements include:

• 5 – 30 x faster than ANTS Profiler 3.x
• All new timeline allowing you to view performance data for any time period during your application’s execution
• Performance counter data and events (such as button clicks, exceptions etc) on timeline enable you to better keep tabs on what your application is doing whilst it is running
• All new call tree presents performance data in context allowing you to easily see the slowest stack traces through your code
• All new call graph allowing you to analyse individual methods in detail
• Analyse performance data whilst your application is still running
• Enhanced source code view including click navigation to executed methods and a heat map highlighting the slowest lines of code in each source file
• Simplified profiling setup

ANTS Profiler 4 also includes a memory profiler. At present there are no significant enhancements over the 3.x memory profiler, however over the coming months we will be working on a completely new version of the memory profiler.

For more details please visit: ... /index.htm

Kind regards,
Bart Read
.NET Developer Tools Project Manager
Red Gate Software Ltd
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