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Unable to use profiler

dpthayerdpthayer Posts: 3
Wheneever I try to run my application in profiler I get the error 'isabellesharp.exe has stopped working' and am given the choice of closing the proram or debugging. Why doesn't the profiler run the exe?


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    Hi David,

    I'm afraid I don't know the answer based on the information. If you are getting the standard Windows crash dialog, you can click the "view details" and "see what this report contains" buttons and try to at least see what type of exception has occurred.

    We have got patches for "InvalidProgramException" and "AccessViolationException" that may help, if you are getting these types of exceptions in your program when you profile it.
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    I think the program is not starting quickly enough and the .Net run time is flagging it as un unresponsive program. This is just a console window that runs a custom command line allowing me to invoke my compiler I have written for the Isabelle language.

    David Thayer
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    Hi David,

    I guess you could try using fast mode and see if that prevents the crash if it's becoming unresponsive. Fast mode can potentially make .NET code 10 times faster when profiling because it allows JIT optimizations.
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