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How to export detailed reports using SQL Compare 7

fabioredgate29fabioredgate29 Posts: 4
edited August 29, 2008 8:33AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions

Once I have obtained a report of the differences between two databases using SQL Compare 7, I would please like to export to another document detailed differences (the SQL that is contained in the SQL Differences window in the lower half of the screen) and not just a list of the tables, views etc as I currently can do.

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    What format do you need the detailed export to be in?

    Using 'Export Comparison Results...' on the 'Tools' menu, you can currently export detailed reports as HTML or XML.

    The Simple HTML Report has the SQL Differences window contents at the bottom of the page linked to each object with the 'View SQL' link.

    The Interactive HTML Report brings them up under the SQL View heading when you click on an object, in a similar way to the main grid.

    The XML report has a 'comparisonstrings' element in each 'difference' element containing this information.
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