Could not find a part of the path

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I am getting the following error from my application in VB.Net which using the Toolkit to automate SQL Data Compare.

I am only getting this off one customer, so I am assuming it's something to do with security or permissions perhaps.

I've found a few sites talking about mapped drives, but I'm not using those so, I'm open to suggestions. Is it something to do with the file path being too long?
Could not find a part of the path 'C:\Documents and Settings\Server\Local Settings\Temp\Red Gate\SC_BSffb02a94-08dd-4e5a-b621-daa5d7186c48.tmp'.


  • Two things to look at here:

    a) Are you trying to run the application through Remote Services by any chance?

    b) I assume that you are logged on as 'Server' - has this user full rights to the directory?
    Chris Buckingham
    Red-Gate support
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