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Dependencies of views

Waldo2k2Waldo2k2 Posts: 14
I've been evaluating the SDK version 7 and came across an interesting scenario.
When syncing database schema, it came across a view whose select statement referenced a table that did not exist.
In my syncing process I would like to remove objects with unmet dependencies such as this from the differences collection.
Is there any supported method of doing this?


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    Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1
    Hi Waldo,

    Thanks for pointing this out. There isn't a public API for getting the dependency tree from the SQL Compare Engine, even though we both know the information is there somewhere in a private object. I hadn't looked into it in awhile, but back in v3, analyzing a dependency chain was a complicated matter of popping pointers off a stack and casting them as objects.

    What I had suggested to the product manager for the SDK on Friday was to open up some of Dependency Tracker as a public API, which probably wraps up some of the complicated internal stuff from SQL Compare and presents it in a more usable form.
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    Thanks for the update Brian, let me know if they do open up the API.
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