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Search Scripts

AdrianSimsAdrianSims Posts: 5
edited August 21, 2008 6:02AM in SQL Dependency Tracker
I am new to Red Gate Tools , and my background has mainly been from the other side , so in my Quest for good Tools, when all of the Dependency objects have been identified it would be a good productivety tool to be able to then be able subsearch all the scripts for user .

For example, I am looking for Updates to a particular column SurName on Table Employee

Using the tool I can easily find all the dependancies to the table Employee, but I have then have to 'Show SQL Script' for each dependant object

It would be better to then subsearch on +Update +Surname to see Scripts that have the words Update and Surname in the script. If you can find the actual update statement then even better, but this is a step in the right direction

Also it would be good when using 'Show SQL Script' to open an editor of user choice, and not a basic notepad
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