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U3 version of SQL Prompt would be the bee's knee's. I am a contractor and travel to different client sites, of which most have little to none useful SQL server tools to use while there. I recently began using SQL Prompt and WOW...if I could add it to my other toolkit utilities on my U3 drive so I can just plug and go - I could spend more time at Starbucks and less in the client site... HA!

All kidding aside, i have read about the registry hack to sort of make SQL prompt portable, but that's not an option for me because most of my clients have locked down PC's - I don't even have the option of installing SQL Prompt temporarily while I am there. BTW, which is the near future for most large companies that are desperately trying to get their TCO down.


  • We wouldn't say that SQL Prompt is portable in the sense that you could simply run it from a memory stick. Part of the reason is that the way integration with SQL Server Management Studio is designed, the SQL Prompt add-in has to be registered (like a COM component) into the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT bit of the registry. It also does quite a bit of caching to disk and saves a lot of information to the user profile and the "all users" profile folders as well. If you buy a licence, then it will also be stored in the registry and the all users' profile.

    At any rate, the installation will put SQL Prompt on the local hard disk. It would be possible to "fiddle" with the installation and get it running on your USB drive, but as soon as you remove the drive, everyone who starts SSMS will get an error message mentioning that the add-in is not functioning.

    So I would say that it wouldn't be possible/practical to run from a removable disk, at the very least because SSMS requires us to register our components.

    I hope this is useful information.
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