invalid date format in database synchronisation

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I just upgraded to DATA COMPARE 7.0, but when I try to synchronize 2 tables in databases, SQL comes with an error : invalid CHAR to DATETIME conversion.

In version 7.0 dates are written in format '2008-08-18 ....' and in version 6, date are written '20080818 ....'

Is ther a way to change this,



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    I'm sorry that you're experiencing this issue, it seems that this something that has been introduced into SQL Data Compare 7. The developers are well aware of this problem and are working on a fix for it as we speak. There should be a patch released within the next few weeks. I will notify you as soon as it is available.

    You may be able to work around the issue for the time being by outputting the synch script and running it in your SQL Server sql editor. Making sure that you manually add SET LANGUAGE 'US_ENGLISH' before running the script.
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    same problem here - hopefully there is a fix very soon

    SET LANGUAGE 'US_ENGLISH' worked so far - (but now i get different errors - will post em in a new topic)
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    To Ben Pinchen:

    I have too many problems with datetime format, I use Italian language, but I think it may resolve with change of the script, for example, from:

    UPDATE [dbo].[aspnet_Membership]
    SET [LastLoginDate]='2008-09-25 07:22:33.920'
    WHERE [UserId]='1d6436d0-ac6d-4f1f-8cfc-a78308746c58'


    UPDATE [dbo].[aspnet_Membership]
    SET [LastLoginDate]=CONVERT(datetime, '2008-09-25 07:22:33.920', 121)
    WHERE [UserId]='1d6436d0-ac6d-4f1f-8cfc-a78308746c58'

    If SQL Data Compare will write this script for me, I will continue without copy, modify and execute of script.
    Thank you.
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    This problem ought to be fixed in version 7.1 - if it isn't, please tell us so we can fix it properly :).
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