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Backup showing as In Progress after job has finished

cameron.gibbscameron.gibbs Posts: 18
edited August 21, 2008 8:16PM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
I have setup backup jobs on 3 different database servers to backup all user databases using maximum compression.

On each server there is 1 database that still shows up in the In Progress tab as being backed up, and the timeline window says Full backup.... - Finishing, even after the job has stopped running and is reported as Successful.

The database vary in size and are not the first or last databases in the backup list.

I don't know if they've been backed up properly or not !

All databases are in perfect working order.

Can anyone shed some light on this ?


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    Are you using the 5.3 version? Do you have the VERIFY option on your backup? If so this is a known problem. Maybe fixed in 5.4.

    English DBA living in CANADA
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    um 5.3 is the latest version...I downloaded it yesterday
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    Hi Cameron,

    It looks like you are indeed bumping into a bug with the SQL Backup 5 GUI.

    This generally occurs with large databases when the WITH VERIFY option is used.

    Your database backup should have completed and verified successfully, you can check this by looking at the related SQL Backup log file located by default in :

    %:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Red Gate\SQL Backup\Log\<instance name>

    Closing and opening the GUI should return the timeline and In progress tab to normal.

    Matthew Flatt
    Redgate Foundry
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    Thanks Matthew - I did find closing/opening the GUI worked.
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