Could not load file or assembly RedGate.SQLCompare.Engine

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I have a rather interesting issue. I have an application that is using the SQLCompare Engine. I have never had trouble with it before, but on this particular serve I am getting an exception. Could not load file or assembly RedGate.SQLCompare.Engine. I coppied all the files from the application to a different server and had no problems at all. The only real difference that I can make out between this server and any other server where the application is working is that the "Broken" server is 64 bit both in the OS and SQL Server Version.

Should there be any issue with the RedGate.SqlCompare.Engine dll version= PublicKeyToken=7f465a1c156d4d57 and Windows 2003 64-bit and SQL Server 2005 64-bit?

Is there a way to turn on logging for the Engine to provide any clue as to what the problem might be?

Steve T


  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member
    Hi Steve,

    If you've created a project using the SQL Comparison SDK, then you should compile it as "x86" rather than "any CPU". Because the SQLCompare.Engine is 32-bit code, you will encounter a failure if it is loaded from a 64-bit OS, where it will work perfectly on a 32-bit system. The "any CPU" configuration will cause your process to run as a 64-bit process on a 64-bit system.

    If this is not the problem, please let me know.
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    Thanks Brian I'll do that in the future. I still have one question however.

    In an attempt to troubleshoot further I used a never version of my application which had the version of the DLL in question. I did not have any issues and that version was compiled with the "any cpu" directive.

    So what that just an issue with the 6.2.1 version?
    Steve T
  • Correct - the 6.2.1 dlls were compiled as x86 only, the v7 ones are compiled for any cpu
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