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just as an aside as i saw the top of the forum say that 3.9 is released - my SQLPrompt | Check for updates... from SSMS hangs without any change to the pop up page and i have to Close out of the process

anyway, back to the reason to be here:
I am writing a script to select columns from the ContactTypes table, SQL Prompt provides the alias of ct for this. When i am then using the alias 'ct' to reference columns in that table i get CREATE TABLE .
-- column_name data_type,...
) thrown into the script which is a bit of a drag.

any chance you can change to a 3 or 4 letter alias if the 1st alias generated matches a snippet value?

thanks for the great products, looking forward to getting 3.9 installed - somehow!!


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  • Hello,

    With respect to the alias trouble, you can try to change the name of the snippet from Options-Snippets-Select the snippet and edit the name of the snippet. I understand this is not an ideal solution but might help until we address this concern.
    Meanwhile I will log this as an enhancement for our product managers to review.

    I am not able to replicate the hang on trying to do check for updates. Can you let me know the version no. of SQL Prompt you are currently running?
    To upgrade to v3.9, download the same from the below mentioned link and run the installation wizard.

    I hope that helps.

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