Problems with DateTime Columns

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I have created a copy of my database-structure using SQL Compare.

Now I want to synchronize some table data using SQL Data Compare and here I get some errors:

If a table has a column with datatype datetime, the synchronization isn't working properly. (datetime format is hh:mm:ss.nnn)
If I try to synchronize, SQL Data Compare tries to insert the values into the new database in the format mm.dd.yyyy hh:mm:ss.nnn and so there are some records that cause an error.

How can I prevent this error without loosing the data?



PS: Both databases have the same collation and are on the same server.


  • We have the same problem. It seems so, that the localization issues of date(time)-datatypes have not been considered.

    Workaround: Transfer the synchronisation script to the SQL Management Studio and add the following line before it.
    SET LANGUAGE us_english

    With big amounts of data it's not so easy... but it works...

    Hopefully this bug will be fixed soon...
  • Yes, we have a problem with datetime localisation :oops: . We're working on fixing it.
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