Multiple Discrete Sections of Data to Generate

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There are many times that we need to generate multiple discrete "clusters" of data within a single table, where each cluster may be defined by multiple columns having discrete combinations between them. For example, one cluster where Tablename.Status = Active and Tablename.InceptionDate is within one year of the current system date; another cluster where Tablename.Status = Invalidated and Tablename.DateOfReview is between a specified range; and third cluster where another set of conditions are met, etc.

If there was only a way to create multiple clusters like this using SQL Data Generator, and give a familiar name to each cluster, then I would be the happiest guy on the planet.

I'm serious. Take the supermodel guy who's boinking Halle Berry, add 15% more happiness, and that would be me. You could do that very thing for me -- *IF* you add this feature.


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    I'm wondering about forcing certain columns of fields together in a Null or not situation. Examples are:
      Address Name parts CC Info (date/num/name)
    I'm trying, but the info doesn't make much sense if I have a 80% null scenario (for example), and trying to make sure that the values line up in some sort of logical sense.
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