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Performance issue

VerifexVerifex Posts: 10
edited August 6, 2008 6:04AM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
I have SQL Prompt up and running on my medium sized database, with a fairly decent machine, and I was wondering if there a way to reduce the number of items being displayed or the frequency at which they displayed or SOMETHING in the configuration for SQL prompt that will speed it up? I don't like have to type slow in order to allow SQL prompt to be able to update it's little box. I tried disabling (or so I thought) the display of the table/sproc/function definition in the options, but that didn't seem to work. I'm actually pretty confused as to how you disable the "table structure" part of the auto-complete tool tip, so that it doesn't appear along side the item tool tips.

I just saw another piece of software that does the exact same thing as SQL prompt and it does the exact same thing, but much faster. I was just asking if there are any plans to improve the speed of how SQL prompt displays things so that it doesn't hinder the user typing SQL.



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    Do you face performance issues at specific instances when you are writing SQL queries or when you try to do anything within the query window?
    There are quite a few performance settings within SQL Prompt Options. Options - Listed Candidates - Performance. I would suggest that you uncheck 'Search for objects and aliases when opening files or pasting text' that can be found under 'Scripted objects and aliases' in the performance section.
    It would be useful if you could let us know the version no. of SQL Prompt and the SQL editor you are using if you continue to face performance issues.

    To answer your second question about turning off 'table structure' - This is called as 'Schema panel' within SQL Prompt. You can hide this by configuring your settings in the SQL Prompt options.
    Options - Behavior - Information panels - Schema panel - Select 'Hide' from the radio control choices and click ok to save your changes.

    I hope this helps.

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