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I'm trying to do a SQL Compare for the first time with a collection of scripts. It's worked okay with a couple of databases but I get the following error on one of them:

An unexpected null value has been found while running postprocessing operations on the script database. Please ensure the script database is consistent. If the problem persists, please contact support.

Can anyone give me any guidance on what I need to check for to see if "the script database is consistent"? I created fresh scripts okay from the database but the existing scripts are in SourceSafe so I am loathe to replace them all.

Paul J Taylor


  • Usually that message means that you're missing an object in your script folder which some other object refers to, so SQL Compare gets a null when it's looking for the referenced object.

    We're working on better error handling for this - we know we need to give out more information on exactly what went wrong and where to find it. For the moment, I'll email you some instructions on how to turn on logging for the engine, which will give you a text file that's a bit cryptic but might point you in the right direction.
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  • That did the trick. Had the keys and indexes in separate folders. All working now so thanks for your help.
    Paul J Taylor
  • So how did you fix it ???
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