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Application Freezes after Generation Report on 2nd Monitor

mgaertmgaert Posts: 14
Win XP SP2
SQL 2005

After data generation the gen report appears and fills the screen. I run this from a laptop with a 2nd LCD monitor. If this is run on the 2nd monitor, when the report appears the app is frozen. The menus on the report page seem to work, but I can't close or resize the report. I have to kill the app from the Task Manager. Same process on the primary monitor has no problems.

By the way, I can't find a way to stop the data generation report. I rarely need it.



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    I'm sorry you have encounted a problem, I haven't encounted this myself.

    Do you have any special applications handling your monitor support?

    You should be able to close the report using the cross in the right corner or using the menu icon in the left corner. Can you see the title bar?

    The shortcut Alt+F4 should close the window and return you to the SDG screen.


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    I'm using the plain drivers that come with the laptop, a Dell 600m. The title bar is visible, but does not respond to clicks at all. All the buttons and menus within the window work fine.

    Shortcut keys to close the window or show the windowing menu also work.
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