Question on Custom Generator from CodePlex

jay23jay23 Posts: 8
I am trying to install the IPAddress generator. So I copied IPAddress.dll into

C:\Program Files\Red Gate\SQL Data Generator 1\Generators

and then created ip.xml and put that into

C:\Program Files\Red Gate\SQL Data Generator 1\Config

and here is how my xml looks

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
description=", ..."
<matches field=".*IP.*" score="100" minlen="14"/>
<type type="string"/>

But this still does not show up in the data generator
Jay Janarthanan


  • Hello,

    Are you using SDG 1.2? Does anything appear in the log file?

    Our generators are dependent on the version of SDG they are built against. I then to upload the updated versions related to our new release, sorry I have been a bit slow getting around to this.


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