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*** SQL Data Generator 1.2 Released ***

We are pleased to announce the release of SQL Data Generator 1.2. Please use the check for updates function from your existing installation. Alternatively you can download it at:


SQL Data Generator 1.2 includes support for SQL Server 2008. This is a significant release, and a recommended upgrade for all current users of the product.

SQL Data Generator Release History

Posted: Wed May 07, 2008 12:07 pm Post subject: *** SQL Data Generator 1.1 Released ***

You can now download and install version 1.1 of SQL Data Generator. It contains bug fixes and minor enhancements.

To upgrade, select “Check for Updates” from the Help menu within SQL Data Generator. You will be guided through the upgrade process.

Bug fixes and enhancements in 1.1:

Improved manual key generator so it matches the automatic foreign key generator

Improved support for generating more rows over composite foreign keys

Bug fix where the population type on foreign keys was being reset every time you loaded the project

Fixed a crash that was caused by certain constraints

Scripts can now be renamed

Bug fix with user defined types where the length of the strings was detected incorrectly

Improved command line so you can see a generation report or what errors stopped generation

Fixed a bug with the constraint detection where case insensitivity was not taken into account

Visible generation start and end time on the generation report

Fixed a focus issue that means clicking on the generate data button would not save the changes to settings e.g. row count

Posted: Tue Mar 25, 2008 5:38 pm Post subject: *** SQL Data Generator 1.0 Released ***

We are pleased announce that SQL Data Generator 1.0 has now been released.

SQL Data Generator allows you to generate large quantities of realistic test data quickly and easily.

You can download a 14 day free trial from the SQL Data Generator product page.

Features of SQL Data Generator include:

Automatic setup of generators to get you up and started quickly. If you have a column called ‘firstname’ then we will automatically a generator that creates random first names.

Large selection of prebuilt generators. We have created a large number of built in generators to cover common scenarios such and name, address, telephone numbers etc to get you up and started quickly.

Full support for generation of SQL Server 2000 and 2005 data types.

Very fast generation of data. The data is inserted using Bulk Insert which allows data to be inserted into SQL Server very quickly, far quicker than using individual INSERT statements.

Automatic detection of Foreign Keys. We automatically read all the foreign key constraints on a database and set up generators on those columns which ensure that those constraints do not get violated.

Ability to disable firing of triggers and checking of constraints during generation.

Support for dependencies between columns. You can set up an end date column to be greater than a start date column or use the regular expression generator to combine existing columns.

Constraints used to setup generators. If there are any constraints set up on a column these are used to setup the initial generator parameters.

Ability to run scripts before and after the generation.

Use existing sources of data from CSV files or existing databases. You can take data from a csv file or an existing table and use that data in the population. You can map some columns from a data source and have other column generated

Command line version of the tool.

More on SQL Data Generator features can be found on the SQL Data Generator features page.
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