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NULL missing in list candidates

In this situation:

If I press completion key Intellisense shows NULLIF() instead of NULL.
There is no NULL in list candidates and I do not know how to add it except as snippet.


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    shadowbobshadowbob Posts: 71 Bronze 2
    I've noticed this problem for a long time as well. It would be nice to get NULL into the list of candidates. To expand upon the above post, NULL seems to never appear in the list, no matter what situation. In particular, I generally use something like this:


    [Field] IS NULL

    And NULL is not in the candidate list. However, it does get capitalized automatically if I choose to press Space, which is NOT a completion key for me. So Prompt is recognizing it as a reserved keyword, just not as a potential candidate. This is a usability problem because if I choose to use a completion key, it will insert NULLIF() or some other (invalid) candidate. Thanks.
    Jeremy Fuller
    VP, Software Development
    Organizational Intelligence, Inc.
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