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completion key to not activate if the whole command is typed

edited August 4, 2008 12:08PM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
I would like to deactivate completion keys in cases when I type the whole command.
Is there such option in configuration?

For example when I type WHERE and then I have to hit TAB twice. First TAB completes the WHERE that I typed and actually there is nothing to complete and the second inserts tabulation what I need.


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    Unfortunately, there isn't an option to improve this at the moment. You will have to hit your completion key twice in situations like this.

    However, this is something that we're aware of and hopefully the developers will be able to improve this in a future version. There is already an issue regarding this raised in our tracking software. I've added your comments to the issue.
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    paschottpaschott Posts: 71 Bronze 4
    +1 to this. Not sure if it's possible, but if there are no candidates because you've typed the command out completely and it was the last entry in the list, maybe the box could go away?

    e.g. I type in select * from MyDB.dbo.MyTable and do so rather quickly. By the time I get to the end of the whole statement, nothing is left except that one entry. At that point, it would be nice to just be able to bypass the autocomplete because I've done that already and there is no need to auto-complete anything.

    I realize that there isn't much that can be done this time around, but wanted to add in another request for the feature. :)
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    Thanks for the extra feedback. I've added this to the same feature request as before as it's a closely related issue. It sounds like a logical way for the candidate list to function and so when work starts on SQL Prompt 4 hopefully this will be something that the developers seriously consider implementing.
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