Assuring all parents get children

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I have a Case table and a CaseParty table. Relationship is 1-N. CaseParty table holds FK to PK of Case table.
The Case table is generating 100 rows and the CaseParty table is generating 300 rows. All Case table rows must have a CaseParty row - a case without a party makes no sense.
For the CaseGUID column in the CaseParty table, setting the Population method to 'Repeat key values at random' leaves me with 8 cases with no party - not acceptable.
If I set this property to 'Set key values between 1 and 5 times' I get 'The generator for column CaseGUID could not generate any more values.' on the CaseParty table.
Can somebody inform what I need to do to get all Cases to get a Party AND get all the Party rows I request?
Much appreciated. BTW, the output of this product is being MUCH appreciated in the shop where I work. We look forward to supporting you as the product evolves into ever greater usefulness over time.


  • I am kind of surprised by the lack of any response to this post. Does this mean that nobody has ever encountered this problem? Or am I not clear in the description of the problem?
  • Hi David,

    Sorry for the reply in getting back to you.

    The only way I can think of doing this would be to have 3 to 3, this would mean every case would have a party.

    Would this meet your requirements?


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