SQL Compare 7 breaks existing version 6 code

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Currently, i am running SQL Compare 6 with Toolkit and 2 referenced files i use : RedGate.SQL.Shared and RedGate.SQLCompare.Engine.
This morning I downloaded the latest version 7 and tried to recompile i got the first licensing error which i already reported to support.
Next, I got ton of errors saying it can't find the RedGate.SQL.Shared file anymore.

Please let me know, if it is removed or renamed then i may have to revert back to version 6 and not use 7.

Please advise.



  • RedGate.SQL.Shared has been split into RedGate.Shared.SQL and RedGate.Shared.Utils; it should just be a matter of changing the references and imports to use the new code. SQL Comparison SDK 7 hasn't been released yet; when it is the support website will be updated with API documentation for the new libraries.

    Simon C
  • Thanks for the reply.

    So, I have remove RedGate.SQL.Shared and add RedGate.Shared.SQL and RedGate.Shared.Utils.

    Can I ask why it was split?

    Thanks for the quick reponse.

  • Mainly for the non-SQL teams, who don't need all the SQL classes (ExecutionBlock, BlockSaver, etc). It was also part of a general refactor of our internal shared assemblies to simplify some of the automatic builds and assembly dependancies. Apart from the namespace changes, the code is backwards-compatible with v6.
  • If I am using the Assemblies to Create/Update Database using Snapshot files. Do I need to include both Shared.SQL and Shared.Utils or just one?

    I see the Shared.Utils has CommandLine Class. Is this used for processing commandline arguments from SQLCompare tool?

  • The public API documentation for the shared dlls will be released when Comparison SDK 7 is released - most of the classes in the shared dlls are only intended for internal use.
  • SQL Comparison SDK 7 has been released - you can get the new API documentation from http://www.red-gate.com/supportcenter/P ... ison%20SDK
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