feature request: auto-snapshot when method Y calls hits X

When performance profiling, it would be useful to be able to set "auto-snapshot" triggers, such as when a specific method gets called every 100,000 times, with the option to reset statistics.


  • You could potentially do that with the ANTS Profiler API very easily.

    Add a reference to it in your project from the ANTS 3 folder (RedGate.Profiler.API.dll)

    Then set a counter and a boolean which tracks number of hits a method gets from another method and call the TakeSnapshot method when you wish a snapshot of performance to be taken.

    The API also includes a Reset method that you could also call when you want to clear the statistics.

    Further information can be found here

    Alternatively we have a call graph in V4 which would help you visualise the information a little easier perhaps. An early access build is available in the ANTS 4 (EAP) forum

    Hope this of some help,

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