Web page execution VERY slow

I'm evaluating ANTS profiler 3. When I'm doing Memory Profiling my web pages run extremely slowly. I understand that ANTS is doing a lot of work behind the scenes but I'm evaluating some other profilers and they don't impact nearly as much. Are there any configuration options that might help? I like the product but stepping through my web app and profiling each page is excrutiating.



  • Hi,

    my only suggestion would be to either try the Fast Mode (which won't have line level timings).

    Alternatively you can try out the most recent early access build of Version 4 of the Profiler, the overhead of which has been significantly reduced and you should notice a difference.

    You can get it from here:
    ANTS 4 (EAP)
  • Thanks but I'm doing memory profiling and I think the "fast" option is only availaible in perf profiling. I'll check out the Version 4 beta and see if it helps.

  • Ah, I didn't know you were just memory profiling.

    I'm afraid that V4 only includes the performance profiler at this point.

    We are starting on a new version of the memory profiler which will aim to reduce the overhead but this won't be available in the short term.

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