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SQL Prompt 3.9 has been released

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edited July 21, 2008 9:43AM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
We are very pleased to announce the release of SQL Prompt v3.9. You can get it from


This is a recommended upgrade for all current SQL Prompt users who would like to use SQL Prompt on SQL 2008 client.
Layout will work on the new SQL 2008 syntax.

Bug Fixes:

• We have attempted to fix a layout exception reported by quite a few customers. (We cannot completely guarantee the fix as we have not been able to replicate the issue to test for the specific issue.)
• Fixed an exception caused in Visual Studio
• Fixed the issue wherein SQL Prompt blocks the installation of SQL Server 2008

Please bear in mind the following tips when installing the new version:

• SQL Prompt 3.9 should seamlessly upgrade your options files and snippets; however you may wish to make a backup of these files prior to upgrading. Generally they are stored in “C:\Documents and settings\{Your username}\Local Settings\Application Data\Red Gate\SQL Prompt 3”.
• If you also use SQL Prompt 2 you do not need to uninstall it, however when working with version 3.8 you should disable it to avoid having two sets of code completion pop up.
• Please note that if you are upgrading to SQL Prompt v3.9 from some older instances you will have to delete your old CompletionConfiguration.xml file to ensure you get the new SQL 2008 updated keyword list. This file is located in (default setting) “C:\Documents and settings\{Your username}\Local Settings\Application Data\Red Gate\SQL Prompt 3”. All prompt instances(including SQL Prompt tray app.exe will have to be shut down during this process and the CompletionConfiguration.xml file will automatically get regenerated when you restart SQL Prompt)

Kind regards,
Tanya Joseph
SQL Prompt 3.8 Project Manager
Red Gate Software Ltd


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    Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1
    Here is the complete version history for SQL Prompt 3.x:

    Version 3.8 minor release -- 23 April, 2008

    • Object definition hints
    • Function parameter hints
    • Layout (Pro edition feature)
    • Summarized object view in Schema Panel
    • VS 2008 support
    • Basic SQL 2008 client support
    Bug fixes:
    • Running Management Studio as a different user(without admin rights) causes Prompt to throw exception
    • Exception when using splitter in SSMS
    • Exception when copying and pasting code in Query Analyzer
    • Prompt inserts extra brackets on SQL Server 2005 temp tables
    • Auto-completed insert statements should not include identity columns since they cannot be assigned a value
    • Ordinal position exception
    • Candidate list lists keywords after ALTER TABLE statement

    Version 3.7 private release -- 14 January, 2008
    • Installer support for VS 2008.
    • Logging enhancements to help us capture logs to rectify hard to replicate issues.
    Bug fixes:
    • Invalid object name exception - a check has been introduced where the name is null before trying to resolve any candidates
    • Fix for an InvalidCastException
    • Fix for ‘Unable to refresh or cache database. Item has already been added’ exception
    • Exception in SSMS when closing windows with alt f4
    • Exception when ctrl-tab between query windows in Query Analyzer
    • Unhandled Exception dragging View to Query Analyser
    • Does not learn aliases in QA when opening a file
    • SQL Prompt hangs for several seconds after typing a '.' when qualifying an object name
    Version 3.6 Minor release -- 17 September, 2007
    • Improved Visual Studio 2005 support – edit any SQL file regardless of whether or not it is associated with a project
    • Microsoft® Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals (Data Dude) support
    • Scripted object support. Tables, temporary tables, views, stored procedures and functions created in your scripts with CREATE XXX statements now appear in the completion list.
    • CTEs
    • Added or significantly improved support for the following SQL statements:
      - Control flow statements (IF, WHILE etc)
      - Transaction control statements (BEGIN, COMMIT, ROLLBACK)
    • Further improved performance. Notably, users who experienced hangs of up to several seconds in 3.5 after entering a ‘.’ with cross-database support enabled, will find that this problem is fixed
    • Fixed crash that occurred when files were opened with line endings consisting of only carriage returns
    Version 3.5 Major release -- 26 July, 2007
    • Visual Studio 2005 database project support
    • Cross database queries
    • Distributed queries across linked SQL Server instances
    • Correlated subqueries
    • 3 – 5 times faster metadata retrieval
    • Large script support
    • 40 – 95% decrease in memory footprint
    Version 3.1 Minor release -- 23 March, 2007
    • Fixed various glitches when running on Windows Vista,
    • Fixed bug causing lock-up when an apostrophe is entered whilst editing in a split window in Management Studio,
    • Now prefers exact matches for the current filter string by bringing them to the top of the candidate list,
    • Keywords etc no longer auto-upper/lower-cased in comments and strings,
    • Auto-closing character behaviour improved: insertion made less intrusive, auto-deletes when opening character is removed, can now overtype closing characters,
    • Fixed case-sensitive owner/schema filtering bug,
    • Empty object name no longer causes exception,
    • Fixed exceptions when using "Run As..." to run Query Analyzer and/or Management Studio
    • Fixed inappropriate connection attempts by SQL Prompt; fixes VPN related issues,
    • A number of other small fixes and improvements to handle uncommon situations, e.g. attempting to connect to SQL Server 6.5.
    Version 3.0 Major release -- January 22, 2007
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