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Enhancement Request for next SQL Prompt Version

jeffsturgeon2002jeffsturgeon2002 Posts: 10
edited July 25, 2008 5:08PM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
I just upgraded from SQL Prompt to SQL Prompt Pro today. For those that dont have the "Pro" version, its worth the extra cost. It saves me tons of time laying out SQL.

Now onto my request ....

In SQL Prompt, we can assign "User Defined Aliases". I would love to have an ability in the layout SQL to go through the exisiting code I have and "Alias" out whats there already! That would save me tons of time. If it does this already, please tell me how ... !

Again, thanks to the folks at Red-Gate for making some killer apps to save us tons of time!


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    Just to ensure I have understood your suggestion right - would you like an option in layout SQL wherein performing the task will alias all objects in the selected code using the user-defined alias you have specified and not alias those objects that are not listed in user-defined alias?
    Currently we do not have any option to support aliasing during layout but I can log this into our database so that we can review this for our future versions?

    Thank you for your comments on the Pro edition. It sure has started all our week on a high note:)

    Project Manager
    Red Gate Software Ltd
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    Tanya -

    You are correct. It would save some considerable time and would make for a nice enhancement if its possible.
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