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I am currently evaluating the packager product for use by our company.
I have encountered a few problems when trying to produce a package to upgrade from one version of our database to the next.

1) The dependancy detection for CLR assemblies, we have in our database 3 CLR assemblies, 2 of these are dependant on the third and require that it be created prior to any attempt to create them, this is not being picked up by the comparison engine and is failing. Is this a known issue?

2) i have a couple of CLR functions that are generating incorrectly, namely as follows:
PRINT N'Creating [RemsdaqProgrammability].[ConvertDTToXML]'
CREATE FUNCTION [RemsdaqProgrammability].[ConvertDTToXML] (@dt [datetime])
RETURNS [nvarchar] (0)
EXTERNAL NAME [Remsdaq.C5.NotificationSender].[Triggers].[ConvertDTToXML]
Note the (0) length return parameter

3) A trigger is scripted to be alteredwithout the fully qualified name being used which is resulting in failure. e.g.
ALTER TRIGGER [ObjectCondition_U2]
   ON  [RemsdaqTables].[ObjectCondition] 
should be including [RemsdaqTables]. in front of the Trigger name and for some reason is not.

Any ideas for these problems?

On the whole, the packager software seems ideal for our use, but obviously until i can get an upgrade to work successfully i can not recommend it. Therefore any assistance in these matters would be greatly appreciated.


Simon Davis.


  • Hi, I'm sorry that you're experiencing these issues with SQL Packager. SQL Packager 5.4 uses the SQL Compare 5 engine to compare and parse the database objects. There were a few issues with assemblies in the SQL Compare engine and I know that a lot of these issues have been resolved in the newest SQL Compare engine (version 7).

    SQL Packager 5.5 is due for release on Monday 21st July and has been built to utilize the latest SQL compare engine. Would you be able to download this version of SQL Packager, when it is released next week, to see if it resolves the issues?

    Please let me know if you do still experience issues after trying this latest version.
  • Just a follow up post to confirm that having downloaded and tried the latest version of Packager, the problems previously experienced do appear to have been fixed. The evaluation continues.....
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