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SQL Prompt on SQL Server 2008 RC0

tanyatanya Posts: 269
edited October 2, 2008 7:56AM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions

We have identified that SQL Prompt v3.8 has some issues with the latest Microsoft SQL Server 2008 RC0. We are investigating this issue and will post any updates concerning this issue here.
Excuse us for any inconvenience caused.

Thank you for all your patience.

Project Manager
Red Gate Software Ltd


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    Is there any eta for RC0 support, even if a beta version of SQL Prompt? I was liking SQL Prompt 3.8 an awful lot (especially the new layout functionality) and really miss it :cry:
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    I am also having issues with SQL Prompt and SSMS 2008 RC0.

    When I start SSMS I get the following message:

    The Add-in 'SQL Prompt 3.8' failed to load or caused an exception.
    Would you like to remove this Add-in?
    If you choose yes, you will need to reinstall the Add-in to use it again.

    Error Message: No such interface supported

    Error number: 80004002

    Is there any progress on a fix for this yet?
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    The patch release that gets SQL Prompt to work on RC0 is now available and you can get the same by emailing support@red-gate.com

    Please note that this build will allow SQL Prompt to work on RC0 and does not support the new SQL Server 2008 syntax.
    There will be a SQL prompt release that includes SQL Server 2008 support after the RTM.

    Project manager
    Red Gate Software Ltd
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    If you are experiencing the issues mentioned in this post could you upgrade to SQL Prompt 3.9 which has full support for SQL Server 2008. 3.9 is a free upgrade for owners of SQL Prompt 3.x. Just go to the SQL Prompt menu and choose 'Check for Updates..'
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