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suggestion: auto insert underscores in object names

austrianfoodispukeaustrianfoodispuke Posts: 100
edited June 18, 2008 1:56PM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
so if my object is called


I can just type

reallyannoyinglynam... then it will find it in the dd and i can save all that needless _ pressing!!


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    Hmmm...but SQL Prompt should be able to suggest the object by the time you key in the first part, i.e. really in the candidate list(the suggestions window that gets populated by SQL Prompt) and choosing that would save you from even typing the entire string. Is there any particular reason that you'd rather prefer it the way you just suggested?

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    But I have lots of tables with similar prefixes = lots of scrolling or having to type more of the prefix including the "_" when the prompt shows
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    Fair enough and your request is logged in our database for review.

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