ANSI_PADDING ON/OFF not detected as difference

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SQL Server 9.0.3175

when comparing tables it does not detect differences in tables created with ANSI_PADDING ON vs. OFF - Is there any way to change this behaviour? I looked at the Options and couldn't find anything to handle this.


  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member

    Since the ANSI_PADDING setting is defined on a connection, I'm not sure as to whether we can detect this sort of setting had been applied to a SQL object. I had, however, opened an issue with our developers about it, labeled SC-3252. So far, there hasn't been any movement on this issue since I had logged it last year.
  • I believe this corresponds to the value that is stored in .is_ansi_padded for sys.columns, sys.all_columns, sys.computed_columns, sys.system_columns and sys.identity_columns

    It might get a bit weird for the case when a table is created with one setting and then altered with another - e.g. adding a field
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