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It keeps doing drop table... why?!

dcolakdcolak Posts: 2
edited May 29, 2008 5:58AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions

Detected differences:

[description_national] [nvarchar] (max) COLLATE Modern_Spanish_CI_AS NULL,
[description_international] [nvarchar] (max) COLLATE Modern_Spanish_CI_AS NULL,


[description_national] [text] COLLATE Modern_Spanish_CI_AS NULL,
[description_international] [text] COLLATE Modern_Spanish_CI_AS NULL,

new columns and constraints:

[msrepl_tran_version] [uniqueidentifier] NOT NULL DEFAULT (newid()),
[tarifario_original_price_in_business_currency] [money] NULL


It keeps trying to recreate the table instead of just altering it. Why? Because of convert text to nvarchar(max)? Is it the new column that makes problems, maybe the constraint?

It would be fine if it worked, but, it fails because of all the constraints it drops in the wrong order... There are 160 objects in total (tables), most of them it tries to drop and create...

We're at this moment lost. We cannot drop and create a table of 1.5M rows each time we add a new column.



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    Michelle TMichelle T Posts: 566 Gold 1
    SQL Compare should display a warning in the Warnings tab of the synchronization wizard explaining why it is rebuilding each table, if it is doing any table rebuilds.

    I'm also interested in the problem with constraints - it ought to get the order right. Could I have some more details about that, please? (Ideally snapshots of the relevant databases to michelle.taylor@red-gate.com, but I understand that you might not be allowed to send so much information.)
    Software Developer
    Redgate Software
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